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Percentage is called Percentage in English, which can be understood by dividing it into two parts (Percent = per + cent). If they are understood in Hindi, then "per" means every and "cent" means part. In this way percentage or percentage is based on every piece of information or data given. Apart from this, "cent" is also considered as 100, so the percentage is based on every 100th part. "%" Is a percentage sign.

To get this, you have to divide the obtained part by the total and then multiply the conclusion by 100. For example, consider that you have got 409 marks out of some 500 marks in the school examination, then you should divide 409 (marks obtained) by 500 (total marks) (409/500 = 0.818). Your answer will be 0.818. Now you multiply it by 100 (0.818 * 100 = 81.8). In this way, you get 81.8% marks in your exam.