Adding Fractions Calculator

Adding Fractions Calculator : Online Calculate easy & fast adding fractions is a free fractions calculator tool.


What is Fraction?

A fraction is a number that represents a part of an entire thing. Such as: four parts of an apple are done, out of which a part of them is removed, then it is displayed as 4/7. While the remaining parts are indicated as 5/7.

How to Calculate Adding Frction?

4/7 + 5/7

Before adding any fractions, we need to find out whether their denominator is the same. We can see above that each of these two fractions is the same.

Step 1:-We have seen that both fractions are equal, so we will add fractions by keeping the denominator the same.

4+5 = 9
Step 2:-So now we will add these fractions as follows:

4/7 + 5/7 = 9/7

As you have seen, only the numerator is added to the answer, but the numerator is the same.