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The formula for extracting the area of ​​a circle is A = π * r * r, where r represents the radius of the circle. This variable has been squared.Do not walk with the Confusion to square the entire equation, you only have to square the radius.

In the example, the radius of the given circle is r = 6, then its square will be r * r = 36.

Pie, which is written in Greek letter π, is a mathematical constant that shows the ratio between the circumference (circumference) and the diameter of the circle. According to estimating the decimal, the value of π is approx. 3.14. Its true decimal value goes up to infinity. In the exact objective statement written for the area of ​​the circle, usually you also have to write π symbol in your answer.:

For an example with a given 6 cm radius, the area will be calculated as.

A = π*r*r
A = π*6*6
A = 36π या A=36(3.14) = 113.04 cm2