How Can I Generate a Sequence of Numbers in C?

Hello Friends Today, through this tutorial, I will tell you How Can I Generate a Sequence of Numbers in c Program?

There are several ways to generate a sequence of numbers in C, depending on your specific requirements:

Using a for loop:-

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
int start, end, step;

// Get user input for start, end, and step values
printf("Enter starting number: ");
scanf("%d", &start);
printf("Enter ending number: ");
scanf("%d", &end);
printf("Enter step size (1 for incrementing, -1 for decrementing): ");
scanf("%d", &step);

// Validate input and handle negative step size
if (step == 0) {
printf("Error: Step size cannot be zero.\n");
return 1; // Exit with an error code

// Print the sequence
for (int i = start; step > 0 ? i <= end : i >= end; i += step) {
printf("%d ", i);

return 0;


1. This code allows users to specify the starting number, ending number, and step size (positive for incrementing, negative for decrementing).
2. It performs basic input validation to prevent a zero step size.
3. The `for` loop iterates from the starting number to the ending number with the specified step size, printing each number within the loop.