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How to Create Application Using Angularjs?

Front End Programming Language is not new in the world of web applications. If you have worked in web development for some time then you must have used Javascript Framework in your project. Before using AngularJS, we should know what is AngularJS and why do we use it.

Angularjs is a Javascript Framework Library and is based on a very popular Software Architecture named MVC or Model-view-control. Developed by Google Engineers in the year 2009, the Framework gradually gained popularity and today it is the most commonly used Javascript Framework is one of the.

The application we learn in all programming languages ​​is “Hello World” application. Before we start creating our first Angularjs Application, we need to know the real parts of Angularjs Application. All applications have three important components.

ng-app – This is an instruction that defines and links the AngularJS application to HTML.

ng-model − The values ​​of data in AngularJS application can be binded to HTML Input Controls by its instructions.

ng-bind − Binding of HTML Tags in AngularJS Application Data is done by its instructions.

For Example

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Angular Application Example</title>
<script src ="">
<h1>Sample Application</h1>
<div ng-app = "">
<p>Enter your Name: <input type = "text" ng-model = "name"></p>
<p>Hello <span ng-bind = "name"></span>!</p>


Angular Application Example

Sample Application

Enter your Name:

Hello !