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How to Get Facebook Video id From url Using Python?

Hello Friends Today, through this tutorial, I will tell you How to Get Facebook Video id From url Using Python Script Code. To extract the video ID from a Facebook video URL in Python, you can use regular expressions. Here’s a simple example using the `re` module:

import re

def get_facebook_video_id(url):
# Define the regular expression pattern to match Facebook video URLs
pattern = r"(?:https?:\/\/)?(?:www\.)?(?:facebook\.com\/.*\/videos\/|facebook\.com\/video\.php\?v=)(\d+)(?:\S+)?"

# Use to find the video ID in the URL
match =, url)

# If a match is found, return the video ID; otherwise, return None
return if match else None

# Example usage
facebook_video_url = ""
video_id = get_facebook_video_id(facebook_video_url)

if video_id:
print("Facebook Video ID:", video_id)
print("Invalid Facebook Video URL")

This code defines a function `get_facebook_video_id` that takes a Facebook video URL as input and returns the video ID. The regular expression pattern is designed to capture the numeric video ID from various Facebook video URL formats.

Make sure to test this code with different Facebook video URLs to ensure it covers the variations you expect. Keep in mind that web scraping approaches like this one may break if Facebook changes the structure of their URLs or page content. If Facebook provides an API for retrieving video information, that would be a more reliable solution.