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Paragraph Tag

<P> container is used to create a paragraph of text. Anything placed within this container is treated as a single paragraph. <BR> tag may also be used within this container.
Each paragraph is displayed leaving a blank line before it, which is other than the line break created by <BR> tag. By default the text of a paragraph is alignedto the left. However you may align the text or lines of a paragraph differently using the ALIGN attribute with it. As usual this attribute takes one of the three values : left, center and right. Justify alignment is not so far recognised by any browser program.
The following exercise clears the use of this tag.


Here we have created three paragraphs of text using <P> container elements. Two of these paragraphs have been aligned differently. The resulting output is shown in exercise Note the effect of <BR> tags within between <P> containers which creates an extra line space at one place.

<title> Creating Paragraphs </title>
<P>This is the first paragraph of text which has been aligned to left by default. </P>
<P align=center>This is the second paragraph which has been aligned to the centre. <BR>This also contains a line break within. </P>
<BR> <P align=right>This is the third paragraph aligned right. Note the effect of line break tag before the paragraph container, which creates extra space before it. </P>