How to Use levenshtein() Function in PHP 8.1 and 8.2 with Example?

Support PHP Version: PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2, PHP 7.3, PHP 7.4, PHP 8.0, PHP 8.1, PHP 8.2, PHP 8.3 With Latest All Version Support.

Hello Friends Today, through this tutorial, I will tell you How to Use `levenshtein()` function using PHP, PHP 8, PHP 8.1, PHP 8.2 With Example. In PHP 8.1 and 8.2, the `levenshtein()` function is used to calculate the Levenshtein distance between two strings, which represents the minimum number of single-character edits (insertions, deletions, or substitutions) required to change one string into the other. Here’s how you can use it with an example output:

// Example strings
$string1 = "kitten";
$string2 = "sitting";
// Calculate Levenshtein distance
$distance = levenshtein($string1, $string2);
// Output the result
echo "Levenshtein distance between '$string1' and '$string2' is: $distance";


Levenshtein distance between 'kitten' and 'sitting' is: 3

In this example, the Levenshtein distance between “kitten” and “sitting” is 3, which means that at least three edits are needed to transform “kitten” into “sitting” or vice versa.