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Introduction to MySQL

Introduction to MySQL

MySQL is a Database Management System. A Database Management System is a software that lets you store and manage data. This data can be anything. These can be the names and addresses of some individuals. Or there may be information about the sales and production of a company.

Regardless of the data and any type of data, you need a database management system to store and access it.

MySQL databases are relational. A relational database stores all data in separate tables instead of storing all the data in the same table. And then in the middle of these tables, we know the relation and processes the queries on its base. Database structures are organized as a physical file to get the speed.

MySQL is an open source software. That is, this software is available in free and you can modify it according to your need. You can download the code and edit it.

The MySQL database server is very fast, reliable and easy to use. If you are looking for similar DBMS then you should use it.MySQL can work in Client / Server or embedded environment. MySQL supports multi threaded SQL Server which can work in many different environments.

Many times it happens that many students get confused in MySQL and SQL, and also understand MySQL as a language. But I would like to tell you that this is not so. SQL is a language. This is called Structured Query Language.

These languages ​​are used to interact with database. MySQL is very different from SQL. MySQL is a software. MySQL is a complete Database Management System.

Features of MySQL

  • MySQL is built in C and C ++.
  • MySQL works with many programming languages ​​and scripting languages. Such as Java and PHP etc.
  • The performance of MySQL is very high because its storage engine is very unique.
  • MySQL can be used on many different platforms.
  • Multi layered server design has been used in MySQL.
  • It has been completely multi-threaded design. So if more than one computer is available then MySQL can easily use them.
  • MySQL provides different types of transnational and non-transnational engines.
  • It has been tested with many compilers.
  • MySQL is portable. CMake is used for portability. But it has been used only in MySQL 5.5 and later versions.
  • MySQL performs very fast execute joins. For this, MySQL uses optimized nested loop association.
  • It implements the in-memory hash tables which are used as temporary tables.
  • MySQL implements SQL functions. It does this through the class library.
  • In the Client / Server environment, it presents the server as a separate program.