PHP Local Server Installation

PHP is a server site scripting language. A server is required to run php code. To learn PHP, we can not completely depend on an online server. Besides, when we start learning PHP for the first time, there will be minor mistakes from us. If we start editing the code in the online server for every mistake, we will be wasting a lot of time. But if we use the Local Server, we can easily fix our mistakes on our own computer. That’s why we use Local Server to learn PHP.

There is a software on the Local Server that installs one of our computers to the server by installing it on our computer. On this local server we can learn PHP easily. There are many types of Local Servers present on the Internet such as WAMP Server, XAMPP Server, Zend Server but I would advise you to use the XAMPP server. You can also use the WAMP server. Using WAMP Server and XAMPP Server You do not have to take any kind of licenses, both of which are available on the Internet for free.