Laravel Application Structure

Laravel’s Application Structure contains various types of folders and files, as you can see in this image. You can read about how all the files in this directory work below if you like it. It will definitely share it.

app – this is the main part of the application in directory. In this directry you will find all the files like moddle, controller and middleware.

bootstrap – Includes the script of the directory bootstrap.

config – This directory has the configration files of the application.

Database – This folder has migration and seeds in your database.

public – This is the directory that includes folders such as javascript, css, image etc.

resources – This file contains views file in which we place the file of our html which we see on the front page.

storage – This directory contains application storage, such as file uploads and more. framework storage (cache), and application-generated logs.

test – This test contains different types of tests done.

vendor – It has all the files releted from composer dependencies in the directory.

If you have installed the laravel 5.3,5.4,5.5,5.6,5.7 application, then you will get a directory named path which helps us manage the url.