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Introduction to Python Interpreter

After installing Python in your system, you can now start programming in python. For this, you use the python interpreter. Your pass two options are available for using Python interpreter.

  1. Python Command Line Interpreter
  2. Python IDLE (Integrated Development and Learning Environment)

Both of them work the same python interpreter and both use the same libraries. Both of these options are provided by python. When you install python, both of them are installed in your system.

As you can see in the below given image.


Let’s now try to know about these two options by detail.


Python command line interpreter is a simple command line window. Any command in command line interpreter is done by commands. Python command line interpreter is a bit less user friendly.

The image of the Python command line interpreter is shown below.


Python IDLE is a GUI interface.

The menus and options are provided in the IDLE to perform various tasks. Its image is being given below.


It’s like a normal editor and it’s very easy to work with. This is more user friendly than the python command line interpreter.

However, you can run python code by writing it in another editor and saving it with .py extension. But in IDLE you have provided all the options available from the time you write to run the program.