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Introduction to Python Syntax

C, Perl, Java etc. Many similarities are found between the programming languages ​​and python. If you have already done programming in these languages ​​then python will teach you even more easily.

Python’s syntax is different from other programming languages. For example, in other programming languages, space is not of much importance, spaces in the python are very important.

Before starting programming in Python, you need to know some of the essentials related to its syntax. You can also call them python syntax rules. From this you discover the difference between syntax between python and other programming languages.

Python Indentation

Braces are not used to represent the code block of any class or function in Python. Line indentation is used to represent any type of code block.

if 20 < 10:
print("20 is less than 10")
print("20 is greater than 10")

Line indentation Any line has a space given before text. Although you can give as many space indentation, but indentation should be same for all the statements in that block. If not so, the error is generated by the python interpreter.