Date & Time Use in Python

Python is very useful in terms of dates and times. We can easily retrieve current dates and times using python. Modules provide classes to manipulate dates and times in simple and complex ways. Date and time class are very important for the timetable of pandas.

Python provides multiple functions to deal with date, time and date and time intervals. Date and date are an object in the time verse, so when you manipulate them, you’re actually adding an object to either. Or you are breaking and whenever you manipulate the date or time, you have to import the date & time function.

There are many different ways of representing date and time in Python programs. This page gives an overview of the different ways and how the date & time function is used in Python.

  1. The date and time module provide the following classes –
  2. The instances in the Date range represent dates, which can be between years 1 and 99 99.
  3. Date and time instances are made up of one date and one time.

Example Code

import time; # The include time module.

ticks = time.time()
print "Number of ticks since 11:00am, May 10, 2015:", ticks

Example Result

Number of ticks since 11:00am, May 10, 2015: 1504497105.22