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Features of Python Programming

Python is an unique language. Its features make it different from other languages. Some of Python’s popular features are being described below.


Python is an interpreted language. You do not need to compile your code before running the program. The Python code run time is processed by the interpreter itself.

Because of this feature of Python, python has proven to be a great language for rapid prototyping. Because you do not need to compile the code again and again.

This can be done by generating rapidly prototype of large applications.

However, due to being intepreted, python is a bit slow with compiled languages ​​like C and C ++. Because in those languages, once compile the code is run directly and there is no processing and python code is processed by the interpreter before it is fully run.

But this feature of python is very important because compiled languages ​​can not be done as important as fast prototyping.


In Python, you do not need to define the data type of variables in advance. Python itself estimates their data types based on the values ​​stored in the variables.

This reduces the workload of developers. Apart from this, the developer avoids the potential mistakes related to data types.


Python is a strongly typed language. Like this, like other programming languages, you can not convert the value of a data type to another data type value.