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Introduction to Python Programming

Python is a powerful dynamic programming language. It was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991 in the National Research Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Netherlands.Python is a beginner friendly language. It is most known for its simple syntax and readable code. Python has been highly readable design.

Python’s syntax is very easy and is like an English language. Some other programming languages ​​use punctuation such as semicolon (;) etc. and python uses simple English keywords. In addition to English, python is also influenced by mathematics.

Python is also functional and also object oriented. You can use it as a scripting language or you can use it like a programming language.

In Python, if you want to do programs like Java and C #, you can write program using object oriented features, or you can create programs by functions like just C and C ++ languages.

Python can be easily integrated with C, C ++ and Java etc. Apart from this, python interpreter can also be extended by functions and data types of C and C ++.