Create MySQL Tables

Once you have created a database, after that you can create tables in that database. MySQL has a combination of table rows and columns.

The tables are the most important unit in a database. The database structure define itself by Tables. Before creating Tables, you can use the SHOW TABLES statement to get information from tables in any database. An example of this is being given below.

mysql> show tables;

Below is the basic syntax for creating tables in MySQL.

CREATE TABLE table_name (column_name column_type);

This is called create table statement. Let’s now try to understand this syntax.

CREATE TABLE is a statement that is used to create tables in MySQL. The unique name of the table is given after this statement.

<column-name> is the name of the column that you want to create in the table. These names should be unique in the entire table.

It is defined by the <column-type> that what kind of data will be stored in a particular column. Like characters, integer etc.