How to Remove Question Mark From String Using Python?

Hello friends, today I will tell you through this tutorial how you can easily remove all the question marks from your string content using python script code. This tutorial will try to understand you step to step. So let’s go.

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replace :- With this function you can add any symbol to the value of your variable. You can also remove any symbol. How we will remove the question mark by this function is explained to you by example below.

For Example:-

I am looking to change this

“What is your business?”

to this

“What is your business”

Python Code

"What is your business?".replace("?","") #this is the most clear

Output// What is your bussiness

You can also remove the question mark by another code of python. Its code is given to you below.

Other Example Python Code For Remove Question Mark Symble

"What is your business?".translate(None,"?")