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Heading Tag in HTML

There are six levels of heading numbred 1 to 6 available with HTML. Corresponding tags are named H1 to H6, in which H1 tag is the largest.Generally headings are displayed in larger and/or bolder fonts than normal body text.
Heading tags are container elements. All text contained in the header container is displayd as the header text and all formattings is applied on it. Although it is not a compulsion, but it is better if you tag the first heading in your as <H1>. However there is no fixed sequence of heading tags, you may use them in any order.Each heaing is displayed on a separate line and by default it is aligned to left. However, you may change the alignment style by using ALIGN attribute with these tags.This attribute has three possible value : left, center anf right. Effect of these attribute value is obvious.


Here we have used all heading tags to see their effects. The documents contects are given below and the resulting web page is show in image.

 <head><title>Using Heading in Web Page </title> </head>
 <h1 align =left> Heading 1 aligned left </h1>
 <h2 align=center> Heading 2 aligned center </h2>
 <h3 align=right> Heading 3 aligned right </h3>
 <h4> Heading 4 </h4>
 <h5> Heading 5 </h5>
 <h6> Heading 6 </h6>