How to Generate 6 Digit Random Number Ruby?

Hello Friends Today, through this tutorial, I will tell you how to generate a 6 digit Unique random number in Ruby?

Here are two ways to generate a 6-digit random number in Ruby:

Using `rand` and string manipulation:-

def generate_six_digit_number
# Generate a random integer between 100000 and 999999 (inclusive)
random_number = rand(1000000) + 100000

# Convert the integer to a string
string_number = random_number.to_s

# Ensure the string has 6 digits by prepending leading zeros if necessary
padded_number = string_number.ljust(6, "0")

# Example usage
number = generate_six_digit_number
puts "Generated 6-digit number: #{number}"


1. The `generate_six_digit_number` method generates a random integer between 1 million (1000000) and adds 100000 to ensure the range falls within 100000 to 999999.
2. It converts the integer to a string using `to_s`.
3. It uses `ljust(6, “0”)` to pad the string with leading zeros if necessary to reach a length of 6.
4. Finally, it converts the padded string back to an integer using `to_i`.