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What is HTML?


you are now aware of the wonderful world of internet.It has a vast collection of information on almost all the subjects and services.The biggest part of Internet is the World Wide Web(WWW),which is an exciting collection of information,images,videos,sounds and much more,all available for any user on his computer.There are millions of website available on www which are stored in thousand of web servers and related know that every website consists of many web pages which are documents stored on computers similarly as you store a Word or Excel document on your disk.The only difference among web documents and other documents is that web documents are written in a special language called Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML.Everything you see on a web page is coded in this language and the same is interpreted by web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator,to bring that page into its actual from for displaying on your monitor screen.

What is HTML?

Before you actually start learning and writing HTML codes, you must know what HTML is, what it can do and what it cannot.
To be precise, HTML is a document-layout and hyperlink specification language.This language is used to design the layout of a web document and to specify the hyperlinks to open other web documents.
An HTML document tells the browser program how to display the contents of a hypertext document,i.e. a document that includes text, images,sounds and other such objects.It also specifies how to make a document interactive through special hyperlinks.

limitation of HTML

Though HTML is a powerful language that supports multimidia and page layout features, it also has some limitations.First of all, it is not a word processing tool or a programming language.Hence, it should not be used as a Desktop Publishing software,although it has all capabilities of a page-layout language.It should only be used to design web pages which may be parts of a website for use on the internet.