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What is JQuery?

jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library. That is, jQuery has been created to enable us to use Javascript easily on our website.

With jQuery we can make our website even more attractive and fun by creating many effects.

Many common tasks for which long lines of code had to be written in Javascript have been divided into different methods in jQuery, which we can easily call with single line code if needed so that time and space Both save.

Benefits of using jQuery:

Now let us know what are the benefits if you want to use jQuery:

Easy to understand and use: The biggest advantage of jQuery is that its syntax is very simple due to which it is easy to learn and use.

Speed: speed matters a lot. If you are coding in Javascript, then you have to write the code of many lines whereas in jQuery you can do this with the code of a few lines.

Cross browser compatibility: The biggest problem for a web designer is whether the design he is creating will look the same in all browsers. But you do not need to worry about this while using jQuery because the team making it has taken full care of this cross browser compatibility.

Large library: You can find many plugins on the internet using which you can extend the features of jQuery.

Free: You do not need to pay any kind of money for this, it is absolutely free and open source.

Ajax support: You can also easily use Ajax features on your website with jQuery.

jQuery features

There are many features of jQuery, out of which some of the most important features are:

  1. HTML/DOM manipulation
  2. CSS manipulation
  3. HTML event methods
  4. Animations
  5. AJAX
  6. Utilities

What is the difference between jQuery and Javascript?

This question definitely comes in the mind of every beginner, what is the difference between jQuery and Javascript. So let’s

  • Javascript is a scripting language that runs on a web browser. You can create the script yourself using Javascript.
  • Javascript is itself a complete programming language whereas jQuery is its framework.
  • jQuery is a type of library written in Javascript language.
  • JQuery is simplified by simplifying many complicated codes of javascript.