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Create Table From Another Table in Oracle Without Data

In Oracle, you can create a new table from an existing table structure without copying any data using the `CREATE TABLE AS SELECT` statement. Here’s how you can do it:

FROM existing_table
WHERE 1 = 0;

This statement creates a new table named `new_table` with the same structure as `existing_table` but without copying any data. The `WHERE 1 = 0` condition ensures that the `SELECT` statement doesn’t return any rows, effectively creating an empty table with the same columns as the existing table.

You can customize the `SELECT` statement to include specific columns or apply additional conditions if needed. For example:

SELECT column1, column2, column3
FROM existing_table
WHERE condition;

Replace `new_table` with the desired name for the new table and `existing_table` with the name of the existing table from which you want to create the new table. Adjust the column names and conditions in the `SELECT` statement as necessary.