How to Create Backup Table in Oracle with Data?

Hello Friends Today, through this tutorial, I will tell you How to Create Backup table in oracle with data? To create a backup table in Oracle with data, you can use the `CREATE TABLE AS SELECT` statement to copy the data from the original table to the backup table. Here’s how you can do it:

CREATE TABLE backup_table AS
FROM original_table;

This statement creates a new table named `backup_table` and copies all the data from `original_table` into it.

If you want to specify a subset of columns from the original table, you can list them explicitly in the `SELECT` statement:

CREATE TABLE backup_table AS
SELECT column1, column2, column3
FROM original_table;

Replace `backup_table` with the desired name for the backup table and `original_table` with the name of the table you want to back up. Adjust the column names as necessary.

Keep in mind the following considerations:

1. Make sure you have appropriate permissions to create tables and access the data in the original table.
2. The new backup table will have the same data types and constraints as the original table but won’t inherit indexes, triggers, or other database objects associated with the original table.
3. The `CREATE TABLE AS SELECT` statement creates a new table in the same schema as the current user. If you want to create the backup table in a different schema, you’ll need to specify the schema name in the table name, like `schema_name.backup_table`.

After creating the backup table, you should verify that the data was copied correctly and ensure that the backup table is up-to-date with any changes made to the original table.