How do I use foreach loop for multidimensional array PHP?

In PHP, you can use a `foreach` loop to iterate over elements in a multidimensional array. The `foreach` loop is particularly useful for iterating through arrays without the need for an index variable. Here’s an example of using `foreach` with a multidimensional array:

// Example multidimensional array
$students = array(
array('name' => 'John', 'age' => 25, 'grade' => 'A'),
array('name' => 'Jane', 'age' => 23, 'grade' => 'B'),
array('name' => 'Bob', 'age' => 22, 'grade' => 'C')
// Iterate over the multidimensional array using foreach
foreach ($students as $student) {
foreach ($student as $key => $value) {
echo "$key: $value ";
echo "\n";

In this example, `$students` is a multidimensional array where each sub-array represents a student’s information. The outer `foreach` loop iterates over each student, and the inner `foreach` loop iterates over the key-value pairs within each student’s information.


name: John age: 25 grade: A 
name: Jane age: 23 grade: B 
name: Bob age: 22 grade: C

You can adjust the structure based on your specific multidimensional array. The key point is that the outer `foreach` loop iterates over the main array, and the inner `foreach` loop iterates over each sub-array or associative array within the main array.