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What is the DataType of TINYINT in C# Equivalent and SQL?

In SQL, `TINYINT` is a data type used to store integer values ranging from 0 to 255. It typically requires 1 byte of storage. The `TINYINT` data type is commonly used to represent small integer values such as flags, statuses, or enumerated values.

In C#, there isn’t a direct equivalent to `TINYINT` as it’s specific to SQL databases. However, you can use `byte` as the closest equivalent in C#. `byte` is an unsigned 8-bit integer data type in C# that can hold values from 0 to 255, matching the range of `TINYINT` in SQL.

Here’s how you can use `byte` in C#:

byte myByte = 123;

When working with `byte` in C#, keep in mind that it’s an unsigned type, meaning it can only represent non-negative integer values. If you need to represent signed integer values in the range of `TINYINT` (-128 to 127), you can use the `sbyte` data type in C#.

sbyte mySByte = -50;

Just like `TINYINT`, `byte` and `sbyte` in C# are compact data types suitable for storing small integer values efficiently.